Hi There.

My Friends call me Mike

 I own a business downtown and found myself growing frustrated with not being able to do anything to assist with a response to the homeless issues arising in our community.

Over the last year I have decided I needed to get involved, and see if I could identify ways I can help. I own a construction company and a fabrication company in Olympia. I started thinking outside of the box around what I saw as things that are not working. Tents and tarps are not a sustainable answer for people. I started brainstorming what shelter could look like. They do not work in the Pacific Northwest, they are not safe from the elements, nor are they safe – a zipper will not protect you.

I decided to start with something I knew was durable and also waterproof – a 20 foot conex shipping container. Using my welding and construction skills I have developed two different “Shelter Solutions” units. The first is 3-person unit for individuals, the second is a couples/ADA unit which will provide two shelter spaces. All units have a bed, table, window, metal locking door and power (light, outlet and smoke/CO2 detector). The units are scalable to any site specifications or size needs. All units can be easily delivered by trailer.

I then decided to see if we could make a hygiene unit with showers, toilets and sinks out of the same 20 foot conex shipping container.  We were able to pull it off and now we have 3-person hygiene units with one ADA accessible unit.

Custom units tailored to your specific needs can also be made.  You tell us what you want and we can make it!

The Shelter Solutions Units are an option for individuals who may be interested in shelter, but are not quite stabilized and ready for a tiny house (which are great, but can be easily destroyed), or permanent housing. The Shelter Solutions will provide individuals well deserved dignity and privacy with the opportunity to stabilize. With a locking front door people will also find safety and security in their own place. Once stabilized and connected to services, individuals could transition to the tiny houses or other housing options.

 All of our units are mobile and can be delivered via trailer.

Shelter Solutions is

Manufacturing has already begun for all Shelter Solutions models. If you or your organization would like to request additional information, please reach out today.